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The more you look, the more visual efficiency you may achieve.

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To a degree, vision is a function that can be learned and its quality can be improved with training.

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Welcome to Drawing. Kite with text EVIN EVIN!!, a web platform for visual stimulation.

EVIN users may improve their visual perceptual abilities by playing online games. Instructors can adapt some of the game stimuli (size, complexity, number of stimuli ...) to each student’s specific needs.

Students’ scores are displayed in real time and stored in a database, so their individual and overall performance can be monitored.

Currently, the platform consists of five games: Exploration, Facial expressions, Spatial perception, Puzzle and Prominent features. One of our main goals is to keep adding games to cover a wide variety of visual tasks.

Furthermore, we are also working on the development of a recommender system that gives helpful advice to properly configure each game according to the students' profiles. In this regard, data gathering is a crucial aspect, both for the benefit of practicioners and for the success of this project, as this makes it possible.

  • A statistical analysis of the recorded data in order to draw conclusions that will open the way for the development of a methodology that provides guidance for professionals in the field.
  • The development of a system that is able to learn from the extracted data and to give useful advice for practicioners.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to keep track of the interactions of students while using the games. For this reason, practitioners must register their students. This way, they will also be able to monitor their evolution. In addition, users have the option of playing in demo mode to test the games.

This application has been developed with open source software which facilitates future enhancements as well as collaboration between programmers and practicioners.

The growth of this platform is in everyone's hands. We count on your collaboration.

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